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So my journal is friends-only, because it is pretty much a journal. You can still friend me, but I should warn you: I do a lot of fangirling about various things. Arashi, for example. They're the attractive young men in that banner. I also fangirl about Supernatural and Glee, and occasionally Ghost Hunters and LOST, and all kinds of music under the sun. I post a lot of YouTube videos, stupid links and one-line entries. I also do a lot of bitching, whining and moaning; I do it even more now that I'm in college. I do a LOT of complaining about things. I talk about ghosts and the paranormal all the time. I also talk a lot about boys, celebrities, etc. I have opinions that I share.

I consider myself to be a nice person. If you want to be my friend, for whatever reason, all I ask is you leave me a comment here and tell me who you are and why you want to friend me. If you friend me without a comment, I can 100% guarantee you won't be added back. Sorry! I like to know who's friending me before I reciprocate.

That's that! If you want to be my *~*LJ FRIEND*~* just add me and leave a comment. Thanks!
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