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My first fanmix for Supernatural! Dean/Cas, multi-themed... after the jump...

Epik High Oceans. Sand. Trees.

The Wallflowers Sleepwalker
Maybe I could be the one they adore
That could be my reputation
It's where I'm from that lets them think I'm a whore
I'm an educated virgin

I could be the one to be your next best friend
You may need someone to hold you

Sleepwalker, take this knife
You may see someone tonight
You'd be the one that saves my life
When I'm dead asleep dreamin'

Doug Burr A Black Wave Is Comin'
A black wave is comin', a black wave will fall
Touch your tremblin' lips to your pale fingertips
A black wave doth call

So what do you see, my lover?
And what do you see, my friend?
I don't know, I don't know
At midnight comes a snow
I can't see, but I hear a little hymn
I can't see, but I hear a little hymn

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly War Of The Worlds
If this is the war of the worlds,
Then I don't want to be a part.

And all I could be,
everything you want me to be.
But we haven't spoken in days,
In fact it's been a matter of weeks.
And so the next time that you need me
Don't expect a call

Snow Patrol It's Beginning To Get To Me
It's so thrilling but also wrong
Don't have to prove that you are so strong
'Cause I can carry you on my back
After our enemies attack

I tried to tell you before I left
But I was screaming under my breath
You are the only thing that makes sense
Just ignore all this present tense

Umbrellas We Fall
I feel like everything, it's all my fault
I just wanted you to know the truth

I just can't describe what it feels like
To be on the outside looking in

It's like life and death, they're married to each other
It's a partnership that can't be undone
I just wish there was something I could do for you
As we sit here, watching the ashes as they fall

And we fall

Sara Bareilles One Sweet Love
No ordinary wings I'll need
The sky itself will carry me back to you
The things I dream that I can do
I'd open up the moon for you
Just come down soon

The earth that is the space between
I'd banish it from under me to get to you

Passion Pit The Reeling
Well how I loathe all this obscenity
Is this the way my life has got to be?
Have I a single opportunity?

And all at once I feel this, oh how it clings to me
It reels and calls me towards it, confounding destiny
And I can feel the madness inch by inch
The more I run, the more I am convinced

Look at me, oh look at me, is this the way I'll always be? Oh no
Now I pray that somebody will quickly come and kidnap me, oh no
And every day I lie awake and pray to God today's the day, oh no

Jason Mraz Song For A Friend
He's the reason that I'm laughing
Even if there's no one else
He said, "You've got to love yourself."

There's no price to pay
When you give and when you take
That's why it's easy to thank you

You know, we've got a lot to go around
I'll be your friend, your other brother
Another love to come and comfort you
And I'll keep reminding
If it's the only thing I ever do

I will always love you

Keane Your Love
And nothing matters anymore
I'm still a victim of your love
And now I'm banging on your door
Tumbling backwards with your love
Over and over in your love

I know they're only ghosts
And memories that I'm clutching at
Maybe I'm reaching back
For something I never had
Still it seems so real to me
These ragged threads
That lead me back to you

Joshua Radin They Bring Me To You
You looked like the sun
I was the only one
Who could stare until you were done shining on me

The rest of my life can't compare to this night
And only the heartaches have given me sight
They bring me to you

And as we lie here and let the world fade away
The sunrise tries to end it, while we try to stay

Barenaked Ladies Call And Answer
So if you call, I will answer
And if you fall, I'll pick you up
And if you court this disaster
I'll point you home.

But I'm warning you, don't ever do
Those crazy, messed up things that you do
If you ever do, I promise you
I'll be the first to crucify you
Now it's time to prove that you've come back here to rebuild

Joshua James Dangerous
I've locked up tightly; I must say, I've had my doubts
'Cause they will kick, and they will scream
But there's no way they're ever getting out
They breathed fresh air once, a long time, a long time ago
And now stuck up inside my head, how they ever gonna grow?

It's dangerous to be sleepin' alone
And it's way, way, way, it's way too cold to be at home
I am what I am, yes, I am what I am, it ain't that bad
And even the toughest white boy, yes even the baddest white boy

He still gets sad

Faultline Your Love Means Everything Pt. 2
It was a strange reaction
For someone like you to remain on side
And in a chain reaction
I was down and calling for a place to hide.

And in a chain reaction
I dissolve and break and then away I crawl
And then away I crawl

Adele Make You Feel My Love
When the evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
To make you feel my love

Vast Flames
Close your eyes, let me touch you now
Let me give you something that is real
Close the door, leave your fears behind

You are the only thing
That makes me want to live with you
When I am with you, there's no reason to pretend
That when I am with you, I feel flames again
Just put me inside you, I would never ever leave

Muse Unintended
You could the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

Florence + The Machine Heavy In Your Arms
And is it worth the wait
All this killing time?
Are you strong enough to stand?
Protecting both your heart and mine?

This will be my last confession
I love you never felt like any blessing
Whispering like it's a secret
Only to condemn the one who hears it
With a heavy heart

I was a heavy heart to carry
But he never let me down
When he had me in his arms
My feet never touched the ground

Download .zip file

Bonus Tracks

a song for Dean
The Wallflowers
Mourning Train

I'm bringing down my suitcase now, I'm shining up my good shoes brown
'Cause no one knows my name
Now, no one knows my name
So look out into the morning rain
'Cause I'm on the mourning train

Mama, look at me now
How I wish you were around
So many friends I wish I had right now

a song for Castiel
The Wallflowers
God Says Nothing Back

Seems like the world's gone underground
No gods or heroes dare to go down
Tear drops from a hole in Heaven come
Overhead like ravens, dropping down like bombs
Through the morning's silver frosted glow
God says nothing back, but I told you so
I told you so

Last night I could not sleep at all
I hallucinated that you were in my arms
To be in your heart, I filled my own
Love says nothing back, but I told you so
I told you so

a song for two
Passion Pit
Eyes As Candles

Here in the void in your place,
I twitch and tweak allusion
to sit and stare so blankly
into our whole confused house.

Why do I always need to need you when you're fleeing?
Where do you go when I'm around?
What have I done? What have I lost that's so defeating?
And have the nerve to wear the crown?

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