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Title: "Sleepytime" Playlist Drabbles - 10 songs
Author: [ profile] bonmoustache
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Puck/Kurt, mentions of Puck/Quinn
Rating: Ranges from G-R
Word Count: 1,819
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: 10 drabbles ranging from angst to super fluff.
Author's Note: Hello, here I am again. In an effort to forget that I have a lot of work to do for the end of the month, I spent a few minutes last night writing some Puckurt drabbles using my "Sleepytime" playlist. There are warnings for drabbles with character death and/or sexytimes. Just a heads-up. Enoy~!

1. Starsailor – Tie Up My Hands
“There, now, Alice, isn’t that a pretty dress?”

Noah sits back on his haunches, looking at the little girl twirling in front of the mirror. She looks just like her mother, with a waterfall of blonde hair and a mature face, pale and beautiful. In the mirror, she examines her dress and giggles as it swirls around her legs. She is the perfect little girl, every father’s dream daughter.

He stands up when the phone rings. In the kitchen, he picks it up and hears the unmistakable voice on the other end. “Noah,” it breathes, “I miss you.”

He leans against the countertop and looks down the hall. Alice plays innocently. In the next room, he knows Quinn is reading or maybe working.

“I know,” Noah replies.

“Come see me,” Kurt says gently. “I want you.”

Noah knows what could happen. Screaming and yelling, the sound of breaking glass, the sound of a breaking heart. He knows that Quinn wouldn’t stay. He knows that she’d take Alice far, far away, and maybe he’d never see her again. He knows everything can, in just an instant, be ruined, because he can’t say no. Not to Kurt, not when he loves him so much, and not while Kurt still has some kind of use for him.

He hangs up, calls into the next room: “Quinn? I’m going to Finn’s. I’ll be back late. Don’t wait up.”

She looks at him, eyes unusually bright. The silence is thick. “Drive safe,” she says.

2. Teatro – Music of the Night
“Once,” Kurt says, “I wrote a song for you.”

Puck takes a swig of beer. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Kurt replies. They’re sitting on the front porch, drinking beer—of all things!—and watching the sunset. “For your voice range and everything.”

“What was it about?” Puck asks. He watches the younger man lift the can to his mouth and take a healthy drink.

“Did you ever see Phantom of the Opera?”

“Fuck, no.”

“Well, I kind of wrote it like the Phantom wrote ‘Music of the Night’ about Christine.” Seeing Puck’s blank face, he elaborated: “I wrote a song about how I wanted you to sing a song for me, because only you had the kind of voice I cherished.”

“Cherished?” Puck scoffs. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Kurt rolls his eyes and stares at Puck. “It means your voice is beautiful and special. I wanted it all for myself.”

He knows it’s not much, but it’s enough when Puck wraps an arm around his shoulders and murmurs in his ear, “Well, you have it now, don’t you?”

3. David Choi – My Company
Kurt knows this guy. He lives halfway across the country and doesn’t even know that Kurt even exists, because Kurt has only seen him on Facebook. Kurt’s not a stalker, but he came up on the Suggested Friends thing and, well, Kurt’s always been a sucker for a strong jawline.

He knows this guy, and he’s madly in love with him.

He knows this guy but he doesn’t really know him. He dreams about him sometimes, about this guy he’s never met. They go out for coffee, sit and talk for hours, and come back late in the night and they make love for hours. It’s creepy, Kurt knows, but he doesn’t do anything about it. No messages, nothing.

And then one day, this guy—his name is Noah—sends him a message. “You seem cool. I’ll be in town to see Finn next week, I’d like to meet you.”

Kurt, heart in his throat, replies with his phone number. That night he dreams that this guy calls him, and things go from there.

4. Jun Shibata – Konbini
Sometimes when shit gets tough, Puck steps out for a walk, just to clear his head. He walks to the convenience store two blocks away and buys a tall, cool beer and a pack of cigarettes, and drinks the beer slowly and smokes the entire pack before he gets home.

When he gets home, he reeks and he knows Kurt can smell it. So he sits down next to him and they say nothing for a while, and then Puck will say, “Sorry” and Kurt will say, “It’s okay” and go to bed.

He sometimes wonders what the point is. They fight all the time. The apartment is too small for both of their personalities and sometimes Puck feels like giving up, like saying, “Fuck you” to Kurt and walking out forever. He feels this way until he remembers what all the arguments are about. Every time he hears Kurt’s voice in his head saying, “When will you just accept that I love you, that you are perfect to me, that you are what I want?” he feels like shit. He’s everything except perfect and Kurt deserves better, Kurt deserves someone who is clean and isn’t as moody and brooding and who isn’t an asshole. Kurt does deserve better. Kurt deserves perfect.

“Then I deserve you,” Kurt says, and Puck smiles wistfully and kisses Kurt and it’s a compromise.

5. Ben Folds – Cigarette
Warnings: angst, character death

“I can’t take it anymore. He’s a wreck since the accident.” Quinn’s hands tremble and she sets the tea cup down. “I can’t help him anymore. One day he’s going to burn down my house, because he’s careless with everything and he’s unstable.”

Later that day Puck kneels at the grave and puts flowers there and watches himself get older, and Kurt stay just the same.

6. Glenn Miller – Moonlight Serenade
Kurt writes postcards to his boy overseas. He writes about the weather, what he’s been doing, asks how the front is. He gets postcards back, about how the food is shitty and the front is terrifying and yesterday Wilson got shot, and I miss you.

Before his boy went overseas they used to go out with girls and dance with them to the big band jazz—racket, his dad called it—and they’d drink. Even though they’d be touching pinched waists and breasts, they’d look over the coiffed heads of their dance partners and lock eyes. His boy would always smile at him. They’d go outside for a smoke and his boy would take him into a dark alley and kiss him, and they could stay there forever.

His boy is a brave one. Kurt thinks maybe his boy could get a medal, if all the stories he tells are true. He spends time with the girls, who worry about their boys, worrying that they’ll die on the front. Tina’s boy got killed a month ago and it had been such a horrible sight to see her, an emotional wreck. It had been worse to watch the coffin unload from the plane. It was real.

Kurt doesn’t worry about his boy, because worrying leaves open the possibility that death can happen and Kurt doesn’t even want to think about it or entertain the idea of a life without him. So he keeps his postcards optimistic. I miss you, love you forever, the sun is shining and I’m still working at the restaurant, I can’t wait to see you, come home soon.

When the war is over and the troops are called back, Kurt waits for him and when he steps down dressed in that uniform, arm in a sling but otherwise unharmed, he ignores the screams of the girls who’s boys didn’t return and surges forward to fold himself against his boy.

7. Michael Bublé – Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Warnings: language

“Secret confession number 4: I’ve always wanted to be a crooner.”

Kurt bursts out laughing. “Are you serious?!”

Puck looks offended. “Don’t laugh, this is totally serious.”

When Kurt has laughed himself tired, he leans against Puck and asks, “Why?”

“Because, man, those guys were fuckin’ classy as shit. I bet Sinatra got hella pussy.”

Kind of a silly thing to say, using a crooning ability to get pussy, considering it’s Kurt that Puck’s been fucking lately, but he’s not about to mention it. He simply hums and says, “It’s not too late.”

“Crooners aren’t around anymore, man, it’s not cool,” Puck says wistfully.

Kurt stands and brushes through his CDs, then throws one at Puck, “Bublé,” he says simply. “I have such a crush on that man.”

Puck glares at the cover.

“If you sing like him,” Kurt says, “I’ll like you more. Plus, I know girls all over the country would drop trou for him.”

“Asshole,” Puck mutters. But he puts the CD in his bag anyway, smiling.

8. Laura Cantrell – Bees
Warnings: angst, future character death

He tried not to come back here, back to Lima, but he had to. Driving through town, he realized how little things had changed. The school, the hotels, the houses. Everything seemed exactly as he left it.

And yet, no one he remembered was there. Everyone had moved on, or died, or, in this case, was withering away in a hospital.

“Less than a month,” the doctor had said. “Make amends now.”

“Why would you want to go back there?” he’d asked him, but Kurt hadn’t answered him.

“Just- come see me, you know, before I go,” Kurt had said. “I’m going to die there.”

So he’d driven all the way there, and found himself in front of the hospital. He made his way to the room and sat down in the chair next to the bed. He reached forward to take the other man’s hand, and stayed there the whole night.

9. Joshua James – You’re the Cocaine
After a long thought process, Puck finally accepted that he loved Kurt.

It wasn’t really an easy thought process. It involved a lot of shouting and denying and all that, but he came to accept it. After all, he never got that feeling when he was with Quinn, that light-headed and dizzy feeling, that feeling like the sun was flowing through every vein. And when Kurt kissed him, his world spun around so fast that he had to cling onto the smaller boy in case he was flung right into space.

Kurt kept him grounded, Kurt kept him focused, and, more importantly, Kurt made him feel like there was something else to look forward to outside Lima. A life, for example.

“I’ve been looking for you,” Puck said to him. He’d caught up with him in the hallway after school.

“Found me,” Kurt replied, looking up at him.

And Puck smiled and kissed him. “I sure did.”

10. Vast – Flames
Warnings: sexin'

Hands steady, Kurt’s hands reach up and gently cup Noah’s face. The taller boy releases a shaking breath, eyes half closed.

“Close your eyes,” Kurt whispers, and leans up to kiss him.

When they undress, Kurt lets Noah slowly rock into him, and he arches back and sighs. It’s warm and beautiful, the two of them fused together like this. Kurt closes his eyes and feels like he could live forever.
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